Our take on the top colour trends of 2024

Colour – it’s the backbone of interior design and the perfect way to express yourself in your home. So, what are the hottest colour trends in 2024?

Our homes are our sanctuaries, and they’re also where we get to express ourselves freely and without restraint. When it comes to crafting creative, personal interiors, colour is the perfect place to begin, and your chosen palette is sure to define the overall feel of your space. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at our favourite colour trends for 2024, exploring the shades that are defining the seasons, and how you can introduce them into your home.

Why is colour important?

If you’ve ever worn yellow to brighten your mood, dressed head-to-toe in neutrals to boost your sense of calm, or walked under a canopy of leafy green trees and felt noticeably lighter, you know first-hand how colour can significantly impact your experience of the world.

Of course, colour in your home works in much the same way and the shades and tones we choose to introduce have a huge influence on the atmosphere of our space and how we feel when we’re in it. Because of this, colour is always our first consideration whenever we begin to get creative with a project, and it should be yours, too!

Our favourite colour trends in 2024

While many colours hold sway as stalwart, timeless choices in interior design, other colours tend to wax and wane in popularity as the years come and go. This year, a number of colour trends have found their way into the heart of interior design. Here are our favourites, and how we recommend working with them across the seasons.

Luxurious master bedroom with warm, neutral colour palette

Luxurious neutrals

This year we’ve seen a marked resurgence of minimalism in interior design, and this trend acknowledges that colours don’t need to be loud and bold to have a real impact in your home, bringing the role of luxurious neutrals forward for 2024.

Tonal neutrals such as off-white, eggshell, beige and oatmeal shades can exude calm and confidence when they’re used with intention, and we’re even seeing a resurgence of warmer neutral shades once considered outdated, such as magnolia, in the landscape of interior design.

The great thing about neutrals is they can play well with a number of different styles, lending themselves to classic as well as modern interiors. The luxurious neutral trend also works incredibly well across the seasons, bringing a sense of freshness to the home in spring and summer, and a feeling of calm and comfort during the autumn and winter months.

Close-up of bedside table, lamp, and cushions in a grey themed master bedroom

Tone-on-tone themes

The tone-on-tone craze has really risen to the fore this year when it comes to colour trends for 2024, and we’re here for it.

Playing with colours that spring from one family can achieve a feeling of sophistication and effortless chic for your home, introducing a sense of calm and simplicity through subtle instead of overt contrasts.

For instance, a tone-on-tone approach with the colour grey would entail using a wide variety of different shades from this colour family within a single space, playing around with lighter and darker tones across your walls, furniture, and soft furnishings. Using different textures and perhaps patterns also becomes increasingly more important than it is in a space where lots of different colours are used, as this will create maximum interest.

Tone-on-tone is also a great multi-season approach. In the spring and summer, you can emphasise your lighter tones, whilst in the autumn and winter you can bring the darker shades to the forefront. This fluidity can be achieved through simple changes such as repainting a feature wall or switching out some soft furnishings.

Sofa, rug, footstool and large mirror in a pink and red themed living room

Playful pinks

This year we’re seeing a huge surge in the popularity of pink, and we love to see the traditional ideas of this colour turned upside down, bringing pink away from notions of ‘girly-ness’ and transforming it into a colour that can suit anyone and any home.

Pink can be light and playful, with pastel or bubble gum shades offering the perfect atmosphere to your interiors during the spring and summer. Conversely, pink can also be warm and sophisticated, with soft mauve hues or dusty rose shades bringing a sense of earthy calm to your space.

Because of the warmth and comfort that many shades of pink invoke, this colour works well for your soft furnishings, such as rugs and curtains, as well as for plushy pieces of furniture, such as sofas and footstools. We also love seeing interiors where white walls are swapped out in favour of a very pale pink, a shade that almost feels like a neutral in and of itself.

 Bed and feature pendant light overhead in luxurious master bedroom

Fun with metallics

Metallic colours can inject a sense of playful opulence and luxury into a space, and we love working with them in our projects here at Q Interiors.

Gold tones are particularly on trend this year. The versatility of these tones means that they will work well for spring/summer interiors as well as autumn/winter spaces, emulating the heat and radiance of the summer sun and emphasising that feeling of warmth indoors when temperatures outside start to cool down later in the year.

Whether you’re a fan of gold or silver, metallics have a sheen that reflects and augments other colours in the space and are great to introduce creatively as accents throughout the room. Think brass furniture knobs and pulls, stunning brushed steel standard lamps, opulent wallpaper with metallic detailing, or feature pendant lights in blazing gold-tone metal. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to colour schemes, we recommend experimenting with gold tones set off against warm neutrals or bold forest greens and deep purples or playing around with silver metallics paired with cooler neutrals or dark greys.

Close-up of grey cushions on a sofa with patterned grey wallpaper behind

Creative with grey

We love working with greys here at Q Interiors, and this sort of palette is a major player in colour trends for 2024.

The versatility of grey makes it a fantastic shade to use within your home, and from cool, modern interiors to classic, cosy spaces, this colour has infinite potential and will stand the test of time.

In the summer months, lighter greys work wonderfully and keep things feeling calm and airy. To achieve this, we recommend a warm grey wall paint as this offers a bright, neutral tone that feels light and uplifting during the long summer days, but brings a feeling of cosiness and warmth during the evening when it’s set off against the glow of lamplight.

To transition towards autumn and winter, consider introducing a few darker greys, perhaps through soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. Don’t be afraid to work with these dark tones – the outcome can be cosy, soft, and cocoon-like.

How can Q Interiors help?

If you’re looking to reimagine your space but lack confidence when it comes to working with colour, we can help.

Our fantastic team of in-house designers and seamstresses have an incredible eye for shades and tones. Not only are we hot on the topic of colour trends for 2024, we have the skills and experience to know how to implement them in a range of different spaces, to suit a variety of styles.

From moodboarding to full-scale design and fitting, we have a range of services to suit every dream and every budget.

Looking to get creative with colour this year? Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

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