Bespoke children’s bedrooms: How we create designs that provide room to grow

As children grow from toddler to teen so quickly, it’s important to consider how their bedroom will need to function in years and even decades to come.

During the design process, it’s key to keep future-proofing in mind to ensure the space provides enough room to grow.

Below, we look at how we create bespoke children’s bedroom designs, ensuring practicality while sprinkling in lots of fun.

Make the most of the space you have

When designing children’s rooms, either on residential or show home projects, space is the first element we consider. More often than not children’s rooms have the least space, posing a challenge when it comes to storage solutions.

In many cases, children have so many toys and belongings that finding a space to keep them all becomes the most difficult part of the interior design process.

In order to prioritise floor space for children to play, we aim to use as much hidden and out-of-reach storage as possible. Whether this is incorporating beds with drawer storage underneath or placing floating shelves and cupboards on walls to free up floor and wardrobe space.

Of course, books and toys will need to be easily accessible, and for this, we opt for wall-mounted shelves installed closer to the ground so children can reach up and grab belongings for themselves.

Floor space is used to build train track sets just as much as it’s used to host air beds for a group sleepover and, therefore, should be prioritised at the start of any children’s bedroom design project.

Invest in large furniture that stands the test of time

As the design of this room will undoubtedly change over time, it is crucial to choose larger furniture pieces that will last.

Take the time to consider storage solutions properly, for example, if you know a bookcase will be used for years to come, invest in a good quality piece in a neutral colour that will match several different room designs.

Choosing a suitable, durable bed is equally important when deciding on furniture pieces for children’s bedrooms. If we design a room for a young child or even a baby or toddler who requires a safe cot or bed appropriate for their age, we tend to go for a simplistic piece that can be adapted or easily swapped out.

For example, a wooden cot that converts into a toddler bed is a perfect choice for little ones who need space to grow and an option that will suit a range of interior designs.

Alternatively, when designing a room for a young child or teen, it’s worth investing in a bed that doubles up as storage. There is a wide range of beds such as these available that incorporate under-bed drawers that pull out to the side or offer a lift-up mattress, providing a deep section for storage and giving the illusion of a clutter-free environment.

Experiment with colour or keep it simple?

One of the most common questions we ask ourselves during the initial design stages for bespoke children’s bedrooms is, should we experiment with colour or keep it simple?

Although taking either route can work for a design that appeals to children, it ultimately depends on your level of commitment to one design. As children grow, likes and dislikes change and what they love now may not suit their taste 3 or 4 years down the line.

Where possible, we like to do a little bit of both to keep things light and fresh but well-suited to our client’s requests. For example, for several past projects, we have stuck with a neutral colour palette for carpets, hardwood flooring and walls, using creams, beiges and whites, and injected colour through accessories.

This base will provide you with an excellent canvas that can be modified year after year as your child grows.

If you’re feeling bold and want to have some fun with this room, don’t forget to think about patterns, textures, and shapes as well as colour. Try to stray away from the more typical pinks and blues and incorporate an array of your child’s favourite colours or a palette linked to a particular theme.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is just as, if not more, important when designing a child’s bedroom in comparison to any other room in the home or commercial setting.

During the lifespan of the room, it is likely your child will need the space for a host of different activities, whether this is completing homework at a desk, reading a bedtime story, or spending time with friends. Therefore, considering the smaller details is a key component of the room design.

Review the space in front of you and reflect on how the space will need to evolve as your child grows, asking questions such as:

Will the reading corner you are planning to create be easily transformed into a desk space?

Is the single free-standing wardrobe going to accommodate the increase in clothes, toys and knick-knacks, or is a corner or fitted style wardrobe more apt?

Where are the sockets and other fixtures located in the room? Do they need to be adapted to accommodate new lighting choices?

Is bright green wallpaper going to be loved for years to come, or will a more neutral forest green be loved just as much but for a longer period of time?

Consider the entire home design

Although our next point may contradict this, stick with us, as we believe it’s important to take the entire interior design of the home into account.

If you have a colourful home with a design that plays with colour palettes, textures, and patterns, this is an excellent excuse to thread some of these design choices into the children’s bedroom design.

This doesn’t have to entirely match your home design, as this could end up becoming very neutral instead of being centred around your child’s passion and personal design vision.

However, taking a few elements, such as similar cushion and throw textures, or a select few colours to be used as accents, can help ensure the room flows with the entire interior design of the home while allowing the room to hold its individuality.

Keep things fun

It can be tempting to tailor a child’s bedroom design to your tastes, but it’s important to remember that the room design should ooze fun and create an inviting, comfortable and safe atmosphere.

There are ultimately a million and one ways to go about this design process as it boils down to your child’s likes, dislikes, colour preferences, favourite hobbies, characters, books, films and any other interests they may hold. In some instances, the design vision may be a mish-mash of all of the above!

Whether you decide to go full steam ahead and want to create a Disney-themed room from floor to ceiling or whether you wish to incorporate a few touches as a nod to a woodland theme, remember to keep things fun.

Hand-crafted headboards and cushions, carefully selected lampshades and furniture, themed bedding and wallpaper, and a curated selection of ornaments all add up to a bespoke children’s bedroom design that they will regard as their safe space for fun and relaxation.

How Q Interiors can help

Our design team have created a broad range of bespoke children’s bedroom concepts for show homes up and down the country, considering colour, space, and theme and keeping the client’s vision in mind.

At Q Interiors, we take the entire design of your home into account to tie your overall interior design together, incorporating luxury finishing touches and making your house a home.

Our services aren’t restricted, and we can provide designs tailored to our client’s needs and interior design vision for any space, whether that be your kitchen, bathroom, or children’s bedroom.

For support designing your child’s bedroom or any other space in your home, get in touch with our team today.


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